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No one is infallible, and relationships are never easy. However, with Jupiter in Libra until early autumn, you may wonder why you never dated or got married before. Meanwhile, you are not simply fixated on one person. A giggle and a laugh is cool. After that, the Sun in Aries and a brilliant New Moon in March 26, and events between April 7 and 11, create moments of spontaneity and accountability - especially if it involves lies and dares.

The truth of this statement will become more apparent as August gets underway. Lastly, October 5 is pivotal, for reasons you will marvel at. The most coveted prize of all.

This is the year when all your physical and emotional desires are fulfilled. Meanwhile, there is no room for sentimentality, at least until the fantasy fades, and you resist the temptation to jump on a plane. Been there, done that. The most romantic period of the year begins around April 20, culminating with the Full Moon in Taurus on May A happy ever after is indicated towards the end of the summer.

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In particular, what you encounter around September 6, 9, or 20 will prove there is no substitute for love. Then Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, the first time in 12 years, when you should remember the relationship you always wanted. Your eternally young outlook usually extends to sexuality and love. A casual flirtation early in could turn to lust, just get it out of your system. Whether single or attached, with Jupiter in Libra, at last you have the perfect match. Different timetables or time zones is not an impediment, and February 7 to 14 must coincide with an emotional reunion. You still have other options.

An existing relationship has its moments - ecstasy and agony combined. This is especially true around your birthday. Pencil in June 3, 4, 9, 15 and 18, and again with late September. Yet there will be infinitely more highs than lows. You can heave a sigh of relief when Saturn finally leaves Sagittarius in December and bow out gracefully. You truly are a compassionate person. Whatever your age or circumstances, the Full Moon in Cancer on January 12 marks the end of a torrid time.

The ice is broken, and you can get that loving feeling back. Though, you may be racing in different directions as March begins, for once your heart is in the right place. The period around June 24, leading up to July 9 requires you to reach a compromise, and fulfil what was already promised.

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The best news: Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 5. Finally, you arrive at the altar of love, and discover all you desire and deserve. You may have tired of finding true love again, without being hurt or having your heart broken. But letting your guard down, when there are so many painful scars or shards scattered around is easier than you imagine. The most magical times for romantic encounters that break all the ground rules is during April.

At least, not until August 7, 10, and particularly August 21, will you realise there is no reason to travel through life alone. The situation is ridiculous, a dating service on wheels. Once Saturn departs from Sagittarius later in , your personal world turns full circle. Wait until the dam bursts - which it surely will within the first 10 days in January - and life will be beautiful again.

A wild fusion of sexual chemistry will surprise you the most, culminating with the Full Moon in Virgo on March Such relationships do exist, and you might fall fast and hard. Much depends on whether you are prepared to take a personal risk around the middle of May. But it will probably be sometime in early July, that people get too close for comfort. Obviously, you are in it for the long haul, and the period around your next birthday represents more than just a booty call.

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In addition to feeling rejected, you never expected to fall in love so soon again. A sensational link involving the Sun and Jupiter in Libra on February 11 is more than a romantic trip or stroll down memory lane. A walk up the aisle cannot be dismissed either this year. Exactly two months later, April 11 to be precise, is when that tingling feeling is back, and so possibly is your ex.

Not exactly the climax or finale you expected.

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There is more in store, as you will discover, approximately between June 3 and 9. This time, there is no escape, and travel is part of the deal.

Relationships from the past will surface briefly as the year begins. Hypnotizing and penetrating, Scorpio exhibits strong energies but have no fear, Scorpions usually sting themselves harder than anyone else. Therefore, Scorpio must let the process happen and be honest about when to let go in order to begin their next creation. Scorpio desires, is determined and has a great mind for the solution needed. An imbalanced Scorpio becomes jealous, secretive, suspicious and resentful.

About Aries

Hypnotizing, detective, desirous, suspicious and secretive, Scorpio teaches about beginnings and endings as well as accepting the reality of death. His heart must remain light as a feather or he will behave in dysfunctional ways. Libra possesses a refined appearance and is diplomatic, friendly and outgoing. He must watch out for fear, and indecisiveness as well as a tendency to be frivolous, gullible and flirtatious. A stable Libra is romantic and easygoing.

Libra wants to shine and to be the jewel in the setting. He feels the ominous swinging of the pendulum and craves calmness, sometimes working too hard thus creating his own disruption. A collector of things, it is imperative that the Virgin learn to let go of what she compiles and to fully digest thus releasing situations that no longer serve her.

She can be meticulous, modest and orderly. The queen of detail, Virgo must learn to accept shortcomings in people and in conditions. She is happiest when in service to others. Virgo has an X-ray mind and X-ray vision which gives her the power to dissect any situation and therefore she must learn to use discretion as to what level of calculated feedback is appropriate.

About Aries

Well balanced, Leo is honest, direct, and dignified. Stress for Leo comes from the inability to delegate, having arrogance and egotism. He is charismatic, has a child like spirit and needs attention and reassurance.

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Leo has the will to create. Naturally charismatic and sometimes narcissistic Leo is the ultimate actor and performer. The ability to create the future though acting as if, is best when the outcome envisioned is a positive for all concerned. Gemini needs to see his big dreams and big schemes one tiny bite of information at a time. He can get lost seeking the initial steps as they are not always easy to find.

Gemini can be neurotic, which can lead to nervous breakdowns. The up side is in their achievement of letting go and letting God. Gemini is versatile, inquisitive and spontaneous shining through their self expression. Versatile Gemini has a great thirst for knowledge enjoying many facets and a great variety of subjects.

Slow, steady, affectionate and charming, Taurus collects processions and clings to what is theirs. The down side of Taurus is her stubbornness with a strong dislike of being contradicted. She is charming, reliable and strongly rooted in her opinions. Luxury, art and good creature comforts are what she craves, laziness is the nemesis that can get the better of her. She is particularly patient, reliable and practical and has a strong need for security.

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Taurus does best when proceeding in a slow and steady manner. Flaming force and primitive he is self expression with bursting energy. Aries evokes the will to begin and the cosmic principle of action. The un-evolved Aries will impulsively bash through walls and destroy what he has yet to discover, while the more evolved He will use his free will to develop his higher mind and intellect in order to create his future.

Aries possesses a pioneering spirit with courage and a blunt manner.