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Aries Real estate issues are front and center be it the sale or purchase of property or renovating Taurus Lots of social activity helps beat the winter doldrums and offers respite from the long hours you have been putting into career. Closing the door to the past leads to a bright new door to the future. Gemini You are filled with the desire to try new things Career decisions of the past few years are about to bring success and security. Spending extra time with family is just what is needed to bring balance.

Libra Your emotions have been on overload Scorpio Pay extra attention to home and family A career partnership could present itself and be profitable Sagittarius Be mindful not to neglect responsibilities March 6 - New Moon in Pisces-Awaken your creativity March 10 - Day Light Savings time returns March 17 - St. Use bright colored candles and flowers to your home and altar From her name comes the more familiar name Easter. She arrives to tell us earth is awakening after its winter respite. She brings the soft greens and yellows of rebirth, tiny buds and stronger sunlight.

Her sacred symbols are Eggs and rabbits, and the full moon. Legend has it; her rabbits laid pastel colored eggs to greet the new season. To invite her energy into your home and spirit truly opens you to a surge of vitality and strength.

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Adorn your home with daffodil, Eostre flower— but make sure you have an entire bunch because a single flower will draw poverty and hard times. And, if you give someone a gift of daffodils, they too will have good fortune. Add some crystals like Carnelian: reestablishes vitality and motivation, wakes creativity.

Or Labradorite because it supports transformation and strength through times of change; banishes fear and anxieties. Nothing says spring like baskets, bunnies, and eggs. Include egg or bunny figurines.

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Use plastic fillable eggs to store slips of paper on which you have written your goals. Put them away until summers end to see what was manifested. Plan an egg dying party. Use the following list to color the eggs as you infuse with intentions for the coming season- White: purity, innocence, birth, Yellow: youth, light, happiness.

Red: passion, love. Green: renewal, hope. Brown: earth. Orange: endurance, strength, power. Blue: healing, good health. Purple: creativity, patience, trust, power. Black: remembrance. For refreshments serve quiche, ambrosia and of course, deviled eggs. The character of the "Easter bunny" first appeared in 16th-century German literature. With Santa back at the North Pole, something had to keep children from misbehaving. Enter the Easter bunny.

All obedient children that left a basket or handmade nest for the bunny would reward with colored eggs. This legend became part of American folklore in the 18th century, with arrival of German immigrants to the USA, most settling in Pennsylvania in the s. In time, the custom spread across the U.

Think of this age old tradition as you enjoy your chocolate bunnies. Even a simple basket of jelly beans will commemorate the season of hope and promise.

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Aquarius Family and friends need more attention Pisces Get ready to show off your talents and expect lots of recognition for a job well-one Aries Keep a watchful eye on finances never has the words Taurus Put that stubborn nature aside Gemini Take things slow and stick with the tried and true during this Mercury retrograde Cancer Despite a setback or two Virgo Let go of the past with a smile on your face and confidence in your heart Libra Career changes are at hand..

Scorpio Time to rethink and re-plan Sagittarius Relationships need freedom to flourish I Can April 5 - New Moon in Aries- Clear your mind and body of toxic energies April 19 - Full Pink Moon- Charge up those crystals and magical tools. April 21 - Easter- Celebrate the season of rebirth by opening to more spiritual insight April 22 - Earth Day- A good way to begin taking care of the planet and something we can all do Cut back on plastic consumption!

April 24 - Pluto Retrograde- Look within Everything Old is New Again Spring has arrived and Nature is bursting with the promise of renewal and rebirth. While Mother Earth does her job, we humans are busy planning new adventures and ways to spend more time outdoors. Many of us are itching to get our hands dirty preparing our summer gardens after a winter of scanning seed catalogs.

Personally, this is the time of year that transports me back in time to the Victorian Era, because no one loved flora quite the way Victorians did. After a long winter, people were looking forward to reconnecting with neighbors so they created ways to observe the new season. Many of the Easter traditions celebrated today have roots in the Victorian Era.

The Lily is without a doubt the most recognized Easter flower, as it symbolized life after death, because the bulb grows, blooms, dies and grows again each year. Even though tulips, daffodils and narcissus follow this cycle, the Lily with its large white blossom towering over the other blooms was an exceptional symbol of rebirth.

The Victorians loved to show off, not only their lavish gardens and homes, but their apparel, and Easter was the perfect time to strut their stuff. Enter the Easter parade. After church services families would stroll the avenues dressed in their new head to toe finery, and what outfit would be complete without an over-the-top Easter bonnet.

When the parade had ended families would continue the celebration at home with an Easter egg hunt. No plastic fillable eggs or egg dying kits back then, but dyes were made by boiling cranberries, beets oranges and lemons. Often the children would participate in egg rolling contests; with the child rolling their egg the furthest declared the winner.

Each year we bring back to life the old customs as we add a new spin while making new memories. Ask for help, delegate tasks Aquarius A long standing mystery is about to be solved. Embrace liberation and the freedom it brings. Try your hand at a new hobby or past time. Pisces A new health and wellness routine is a perfect way to usher in the fresh season and new you. Major life changes are upon you, welcome what is coming.

Aries You have been hard at work making plans, and as you near the end of the current cycle a few bumps in the road are nothing to fear Taurus Career goals are met and new projects and opportunities abound. Spend some time outdoors to ground and center Romance is found in unexpected ways. Gemini If something seems too good to be true Have patience, what you seek is close at hand Cancer Your inner rock star is alive and well as others are drawn to your positive attitude Leo Amazing business opportunities are everywhere this month Think before you commit to new business ventures Finances are healthy so go ahead and splurge.

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Libra Let your creativity lead the way to self-expression These actions will not only help someone in need of inspiration Scorpio Strengthen bonds with family, friends and co-workers by opening the lines of communication. Your intuition is strong so rely on gut feelings. Time to think about expanding educational classes.

Sagittarius Think moderation in all areas of your life Let kindness lead the way when dealing with difficult people. It is a fire holiday that celebrates of the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year. May 4 - New Moon in Taurus- Beginning projects now promises abundance during the coming months. The evidence that spring has worked its magic and summer is eager to get in, is obvious with the myriad of flowers and plant-life stirring our senses, and in some cases allergies. Every bloom, a gift that holds its own unique magic. Take for instance the misunderstood Dandelion, many a gardener distressed by the arrival of what they consider an invasive weed.

But, for those that see with magical eyes, the Dandelion is a welcome visitor. Many use its leaf in healing, purification, and ritual cleansing. To bring positive change, plant yes, plant, dandelions in the northwest corner of your property. The bright yellow flowers can be used in divination or placed in a sachet to draw good energy your way.

The dandelion is associated with growth and transformation and of course, wishes. Blow a dandelion puff away from you as you make a wish. Buttercups also make an appearance this time of year and can stick around all summer. Although these weeds are poisonous and not to be ingested, they symbolize neatness and childhood. How many of you remember placing the flower on the chin, and if the chin turns yellow it meant the person likes butter. Still the sight of Buttercups transports us back in time and unlocks memories of summers past.

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That in itself is magic. Part of this transit may involve mucking into how power is divvied up; this may involve managing inheritances, investments, or spending increased time with your tax accountant. Money being a close cousin of control, you also may end up exploring how these two concepts intertwine within your psyche. Cancer and Cancer Rising As Saturn transits your seventh house of partners in business and marriage, take heart in remembering that even Bey has had marital hiccups remember that elevator? The Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is an opportune moment to reflect on the level of responsibility you bring to relationships.

Too much, and we feel burdened, too little, and our partners feel neglected. Positively, Saturn here may force us to face up to our health and make necessary adjustments, all the better, of course, if you can aim to make such changes voluntarily and not only when your hand is being forced.

There may also be a need to chop wood, carry water in pursuit of honing your skills. Health challenges, if any exist, may relent during this period, giving you an opportunity to investigate their source more deeply. Virgo and Virgo Rising Saturn is currently in your fifth house, which encapsulates all pleasures of the fleshly body, whether that be via romance, children, or retail therapy. If our boundaries to lovers or luxuries have kept us in a state of disarray, Saturn will ensure that we find a way to enjoy ourselves without devolving into destructive habits.

If any rifts with lovers exist, the retrograde transit will supply you with the time and tone for righting the ship.

Libra and Libra Rising With Saturn newly in your fourth house of family, childhood home and houses, there may be a dearth of new responsibilities cropping up amongst you and yours. Some of you may be focused on buying, renovating, or even downsizing a home Saturn loves a contraction! Recent transits instilled you with a growing sense of who you are and what you deserve; the Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is the perfect time to bring that rhetoric home to roost.

Faced with a shifting foundation in-house or home, as well as added responsibilities, reviewing your boundaries with family may become all-important.

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Use this time wisely to meditate on how you can best support your loved ones without losing the plot. She may have motherly words of advice for you, or may merely acknowledge your presence. While you are there, observe the order of the place, the way that things are being conducted and prepared. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

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Test Now! If you keep a tarot journal, write what you felt, your emotions and what struck you as important. Pay attention to the details of getting stuff ready. Report what stood out to you, where you feel you could make improvement, or an affirmation of already being ready. The lesson of the Empress tarot card meditation is love, fecundity, and growth, remember that as you look for the lesson you take with you.