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You may be laying some things down on the line at work for the sake of your family. Perhaps you have a tough work schedule up ahead and you need to find a way to make sure things at home are set so you can focus without distraction at work. This month is a great time to have serious conversations related to what you need or want, particularly with authority figures at work or even at home if you are in the process of building a relationship. Communication will be easier for you, and you'll want to take the sandwich approach when giving feedback: positive, negative, positive, especially if you're trying to make things grow stronger with a lover that you have hurt in the past or who hurt you.

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A few things to do this month with a little extra TLC? Spend time working on your weak spots. We all have fatal flaws. If you hear a repeated criticism about how you do something, don't toss it to the side. Instead, think about it. See how maybe you have an insecurity in that area and how to work on it. Leo, right now, let's talk about that love life of yours. With Mars in the sign of Aquarius, your love life could be mighty interesting. You could be experiencing one of two extremes, plenty of fish in the sea and you feel like you forgot how to fish or too many coming your way and you need to throw some back into the ocean because they don't pass your standards.

It's a time when each lesson of love helps you to learn something about yourself.

December 8 Sagittarius Personality

Right now, you may want to put love into perspective while rebuilding something core about yourself. Your mind could be open to a new way of thinking, that could involve traveling. Perhaps you're going to start school and that will require going to a new campus vs online coursework.

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You could be finding out that there are key things in life that you need to go get so you feel more confident and secure in your surroundings when unexpected events happen. Don't let that phase you. Focus on a long-term plan that's healthy and helpful for you, and you'll find that mentally and emotionally things balance themselves out.

Virgo, a sense of confidence, a feeling of being more in control of your surroundings, your belongings and that what you want and need will be there for you is like magic to your ears.

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Not that it shouldn't be that way for everyone. But for you, it's a need more than a want and one that you'll work hard to acquire for yourself even if no one else can or your partner won't. This month, you may be working hard to remove energy that's restricting you from being your best version of yourself. You can find this in how you view the habits or routines that trip you up more often than you'd like.

Perhaps you already wrote a list of what you know are your personal weak spots. Change and starting from scratch isn't above you and now may even be an ideal time to take action. Your plans can manifest happily and help you to make room for true romance. A worrying Virgo can't think straight when worry plagues the brain.

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Libra, still driven by fun, romance, and adventure, the only thing stopping you right now is Venus in the sign of Scorpio. You may feel a squeeze in the romance department but that won't stop you from finding reasons to have fun and celebrate. In fact, Saturn is in a happy placement for you at this time. You can really use this time to make home life stronger and closer for you, your family and friends with dinner parties, coffee and bake nights. You might even desire to help others learn to be better by forgiving someone by listening and guiding them towards grace the way you know how to do.

The Full Moon in Aries will bring up a sure question regarding a relationship, maybe one that asks you to either provide your attention for the sake of love or to call it quits because you can't make a commitment to one person at this time. When it comes to your thought life or ways that you want to be heard and listened to, do pay attention to the fact that you might express your desires more than usual.

Scorpio, with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, it can feel like you have to work twice as hard to get your message across and it will give you a reason to pause. What motivates you right now could be a deep desire for love and passion that borders along the lines of carnality. You might even sense that your hidden longings come up more now than before. Perhaps even kicking up thoughts and regrets from the past that you have yet to forgive yourself for.

There could be a point where an argument with a loved one or even a confrontation takes place this month requiring you to do something for yourself that you didn't plan to do, but it's necessary. This phase of life, however difficult at points, will not be all sadness.

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Also, communication, the things you post on social media, on paper etc, need to be weighed carefully. Don't write or post anything that you'll regret later. In fact, that rule Sagittarius, what's more valuable to you than friendship, I mean, really? Even when you are busy doing your own thing, you never push your friendships aside, particularly when one is needy. You may find that one thing that you aren't able to do at this time is let go of these connections you've formed over the past year.

Particularly in the area of communicating by text message. There could be a friendship that is more touch than go these days and it's getting you a bit crazy but in a good way. Your desire to start something fresh and new could even be stoked by the problems you have with friends who are stuck in their own partnerships. You don't want to be stuck in anything, not ever.

What you may need right now is a hefty dose of reality and time focusing on what you value, where you want to invest your time, and how this translates into value that you feel is worth your time long term. If a friendship isn't real, do you need it? Capricorn, work can feel like it hits a wall in the area of progress this first week, but when the Sun progresses into Libra Season it may feel like a time when you need to do more sitting back and waiting to watch where things go first before taking action. Money and progress may be intermittent as well.

There's a change the area of your love life these days, too. If you're looking to reinvent your look or want to meet someone new, you can do that without much difficulty. Where you see the change the most, however, is where you live or how it appears to you.


If you've been planning to relocate, looking for a place this month is a great time to start. You may decide to leave your old stomping grounds or go from a house to an apartment, just to take a load off of your responsibilities in that area and live minimalistically. Aquarius, feeling like there's a need for change isn't anything new for you, but what's truly amazing is how this brings your life full circle.

Perhaps, you've been thinking of someone and suddenly the person or some situation similar to the experience you had manifests and negative energy you've been carrying disappears. You might feel there's work to do in the area of clearing out stuff that you don't need at work or home. Perhaps your office drawer needs to have the files gone through and you just now want to get to it.

At the end of the day, this is a time of making room for new energy. You want to have time and space for life's miracles to begin. Your desires won't be void of profitability, but it will require a lot of effort on your part, meaning, you can't just sit at home and expect things to happen for you. You will need to make it happen. Pisces, loving and letting go is a Pisces specialty, not that you want it that way Letting go can come in phases this month, from releasing a doubt and discovering a piece of faith you lost at one point in time.

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Your dreams may take precedence over illusions. You won't be as easy to fool this time around when someone or something is ingenuine. There's also a desire to open your heart to new adventures but be careful. With Venus in Scorpio, you could misplace your feelings by toying with a fling when you think it's a lasting love. While things certainly feel unclear, Aries, try to surrender to the changes and allow yourself to adjust to the new parameters of the relationships closest to you. Oh, Taurus, this moon isn't leaving anything unscathed for you — which makes sense, since your sign is also ruled by currently-retrograding Venus.

Take deep breaths and draw on the gentle, beauty-lovin' nature of Libra to help you through. Both work and your relationships can survive this transit so long as you allow yourself to flow with the changes and be extra-kind to yourself and others. You've likely had no shortage of action and emotion in the romance department since the autumnal equinox , Gemini, and this new moon doesn't let up — although you may be feeling some confusion. You're feeling the sense of transformation really deeply, Cancer, and it may be an upheaval of your entire belief system.

When the foundations of who you are and what you stand for are shaken, it's hard for anyone to cope with, so make sure to focus on self-love and acceptance and follow your intuition to what feels right. Leo, prepare to do what you do best: Bask in the glow of everyone's attention. You've certainly got a spark during this luminary! Keep your feet on the ground, but enjoy the changes that are taking place inside and out. Venus retrograde is already taking effect, and this new moon only amplifies your need to think hard about your money situation, Virgo.

So instead of focusing on the bummer of money stress, be grateful that you're hopefully! It's your season, Libra, and the moon, sun, and stars are offering you a chance to change — are you ready to seize the opportunity? You know the saying "If you jump, the net will appear"? Remember that when your indecisiveness tries to take over, and be sure to listen to your higher self. Given that you're ruled by the planet Pluto, you're no stranger to deep transformation — but this moon's energy can take its toll on you.

Practice self-care in the form of clearing toxins out of your life — both literally, when it comes to food and beauty products, but also emotionally when it comes to relationships and feelings. Your relationships are transforming just as much as everyone else's during this moon, Sag, but the difference is that people may start asking a lot of you. Ever since the autumnal equinox , you've been having a wild and successful ride career-wise. But with this new moon and its ability to cause us to second-guess our feelings, you may have some things to consider.

September's full moon in Aries was an emotionally rough one for everyone — but you may have never really even had a chance to check in with yourself around it, given your hectic schedule.