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By sign, by house, and by aspect, both planets play powerful roles in your chart. Moody and idealistic, you have powerful artistic and psychic abilities. At your most self-actualizing, you can mobilize your inner forces and turn daydreams into realities. But when wishful thinking gets out of hand, you can be gullible, passive, and too submissive for your own good. Fortunately, you also have a yearning for creative and spiritual fulfillment that can keep you on track.

Elusive Neptune, the planet of inspiration, is your ruler, no matter what your Sun sign is. Its position in your chart by house, by sign, and by aspect, indicates an area of ideals, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment. You also have a co-ruler: Jupiter, the planet associated with Pisces prior to the discovery of Neptune in Outgoing Leos are a dime a dozen. Hermit Leos, like my friend Howard, are a rarity.

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So how come he shies away from relationships and prefers to stay home, nursing his modem? No wonder he stays home. By definition, the Descendant is always exactly opposite your rising sign. For example, if you have Cancer rising, your Descendant is Capricorn. A less powerful point than your Ascendant, the Descendant determines the approach you take toward marriage and partnerships. Your Descendant provides the answer:. If you have Aries rising: Your Descendant is in Libra.

Your ideal relationship is egalitarian, and your perfect partner, unlike yourself, is poised and balanced, a force for harmony — the very quality you need the most. If you have Taurus rising: Your Descendant is Scorpio. Your best possible partner is sexually passionate, emotionally intense, and fully willing to engage in intimate conversation. The evidence suggests otherwise. If you have Gemini rising: Your Descendant is Sagittarius, which suggests that the best partner for you is an independent person of strong beliefs who can expand your world.

You romanticize relationships and may marry more than once. But since when is that a crime? If you have Leo rising: Your Descendant is Aquarius, which means that although you may think that you want a dazzling, swashbuckling companion, your ideal mate is actually a unique and stimulating freethinker with whom you feel a lively mental connection.

If you have Virgo rising: Your Descendant is Pisces, which suggests that your ideal partner is a sympathetic, adaptable person who can help you stop that crazy worrying thing you do. You may dream of someone as organized and efficient as yourself. Notice how you keep not getting it? If you have Libra rising: Your Descendant is Aries, which suggests that the ideal mate for you is someone with an independent streak and a fiery personality who can stir up your enthusiasms, energize you, and help you deal with conflict. If you have Scorpio rising: Your Descendant is Taurus. The most natural partner for you is down-to-earth, trustworthy, and stubborn enough to resist your considerable blandishments.

If you have Sagittarius rising: Your Descendant is Gemini, suggesting that you may postpone commitment out of a fear of being tied down. If you have Capricorn rising: Your Descendant is Cancer, which means that you need a warm, supportive mate who can soften you up by giving you the security and the home-cooked meals you crave. Traditional relationships are best for you. How come some people grow up in ordinary circumstances and yet end up in the strangest careers? The Midheaven, also known as the M. Other factors in your choice of career include planets in the tenth house, the planet that rules your Midheaven, and planets in the sixth house of work.

The Midheaven is the highest point on the ecliptic and in your chart. The M. Which one? Some astrologers think it refers to the mother, others to the opposite-sex parent, still others to the most influential parent. You choose. Directly opposite the Midheaven is the I. The I. Either way, your I. The easiest way to get an accurate copy of your chart is to go on the Internet. Free charts are available from www. The Midheaven affects your attitude toward career. Aries Midheaven: You have a daring attitude toward your career.

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What you do mind is being powerless. Being your own boss is your best move. Your I. Taurus Midheaven: Security matters. You need to do something tangible in your career — and whatever it is, you need to receive substantial rewards. Fortunately, you have the stamina to make it happen. Gemini Midheaven: In your career, you require diversity, intellectual stimulation, and the ability to fulfill your curiosity. Writing is favored, as is anything involving other forms of communication. You also benefit from the chance to take frequent jaunts out of the office. You agree with the Gemini writer G.

Cancer Midheaven: You need a career where you can use your intuition and make emotional connections. Your stated purpose may be to provide security for your family, but you also need to be involved in the wider community and to receive recognition from authority figures there. Leo Midheaven: You need a career that provides room for creative expression, opportunities for leadership, and public recognition.

Your pride is on the line here, so the more acknowledgment you receive for your professional efforts, the happier you will be.

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Virgo Midheaven: Whatever your career or community activities may be, you succeed because you do your homework and pay attention to the small stuff. You work hard, and people come to rely on you. Keep in mind that Virgo is the sign of the martyr, and resist the temptation to torture yourself.

Libra Midheaven: You want a pleasant, rational career that enables you to balance your public and private lives. You easily attract people who can help you reach your goals. Even our relationships help us pull them out. If we are unaware of the part of ourselves that lies beneath the surface, we will often see those traits in our relationships - however, we are being shown a part of ourselves. Did I lose you? Let me give you an example. If I tried to fit the mould of a very attentive type of partner putting my all into the relationship, I would become discontent, as if I was letting go of a huge part of myself and then becoming resentful of my partner.

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However, Sally may not be acknowledging that her true deeper nature is the opposite of Taurus, which is Scorpio , who wants to dive into the emotional depths and have a very intimate connection with life and people, seeing what makes it all happen and why. If Sally only plays the part of her ascendant and interacts on this surface level, she would be very discontent and repressing a huge part of herself.

Sally needs to have a day of reckoning with herself so she can embrace her own depth and multidimensional appetite for expression. We are attracted to people who have the traits we want to develop in ourselves or that we need to recognize in ourselves for our soul to grow. If you are perceiving them as negative, find the positive expression in them to turn the trait into power. For example, anger becomes passion, obsessiveness becomes devotion, and stubbornness becomes determination. As we start to see the world as a mirror and take responsibility for what we attract into our lives, we can transmute the energies into positive expressions that heal both us within and the world outside of ourselves.

If we do not bring forth our innermost nature and use it to follow our hearts, we are not giving ourselves all the tools we have access to. All this person needs is awareness of their true core and specifics of personality that set them apart from family members and values learned at home.

The main challenge of Leo hides in oneness found in connection with the rest of the human race, and since this already puts an emphasis on an Ascendant in Aquarius, this is always hard to reach as an innovative, strange, and special individual. There is always something that needs to be fixed in the sign of Virgo and this position will make a person look for something impossible to reach in many cases, or make them settle for less than they deserve out of feelings of guilt, incompetence or a simple lack of self-worth.

All unhealthy issues will tend to accumulate here so this is a house that needs a lot of cleansing, constructive efforts and changes in order to reach the state which satisfies that dreamy first house in Pisces. Matters of faith and disappointments greatly depend on the story of Venus, for one obviously needs to set reasonable expectations through dealing with other people.

Descendant Signs: How Do They Influence Your Personality?

This is a natural position of the seventh house, leading to a natural approach to relationships, marriage and an ability to be tactful and diplomatic towards others, no matter if they are our friends or enemies. People born with the seventh house in Libra have a natural ability to choose those who mirror their core personality.

However, the sign of Libra carries its challenges in relation to the Sun and always presents a test when it comes to holding on to our personality as we get intimately involved with others. The good thing coming with this position is in the ability to separate social from personal life, but a rational approach can be damaging for the heart, and emotions need to be cherished and respected at all times.

The Common Understanding of the Descendant

The institution of marriage often becomes important over time and these individuals tend to grow from confident solitary lovers to married, faithful partners for better or worse. With the seventh house set in the sign of Scorpio, ultimate intimacy is needed in order for the person to find satisfaction. This is a position very hard to please and the nature of the first house already shows the ability to create tender intimacy and closeness, usually dismissed and diminished by others.

Once this person sets deserved satisfaction on the top of their priority ladder, things will become easier and ties to other people will fade while a healthy relationship with their own life, decisions, and choices becomes imperative.


Until then, jealousy and possessive relationships are inevitable, while happiness becomes this distant light seen from the underground ruled by Scorpio. With Sagittarius, there is always a philosophy that leads to certain events and this position will simply materialize convictions.

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In the practical sense, we can understand this best through an example of a person who lives convinced that all people of opposite sex are not to be trusted. This specific conviction will lead to relationships that will prove them right, and one will be disappointed again and again, proving the image projected to the outer world in cycles. To move from repetitive choices, the person needs to learn and widen their perspective until they realize what sort of inner change can lead to a more satisfying environment.

Every hurt will reflect in the inability to form a close relationship, and memories tend to distract a person from building a future they wish for. Aquarius is a sign that speaks of divorce and separation, as well as all oppositions that are combined in perfect harmony in nature around us.